Monday, July 16, 2007

Bad haircuts

Having lived through the 60s, 70s and 80s I have seen more than my share of bad haircuts. There is one hairstyle that has become popular that is wearing thin (literally).

The shaved head.

Now I know that many balding men are now shaving their heads instead of a comb-over and yes we appreciate that. However it is possible to be balding and still look distinguished without combing over or shaving the entire thing off.

The problem is that what was once a novelty has now become almost boring. While some men look like Bruce Willis with their heads shaved, the unfortunate thing is that most of them look like Dr. Evil.

Oh and by the way nothing looks worse like somebody with a shaved head who had a laceration sutured in the past. I sutured up looks of scalp lacerations during my years as a family doc. Scalp lacerations are always chalenging because they bleed a lot and the hair gets in the way. Fortunately we all thought, no one will ever see the scar we leave. However due to the whim of the fashion gods, all these hideous scars that we thought no one would ever see, are now coming into view.

Please stop, grow your hair back. We promise not to make any more bald jokes.

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