Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Getting Back To Skiing's Roots

I recently spent a couple of days at Whitewater Ski Resort near Nelson.

Most ski hills have become real estate developements where skiing exists only as a backdrop to the condo and golf course developement and where trophy wifes walk around in fur lined "ski suits" walking or carrying small dogs.

I am by no means a great skier, I prefer the groomed runs, I ski moguls poorly out of boredom, I have a fear of being buried in an avalanche and never venture outside the ropes (the idea of actually climbing a hill in order to ski down it doesn't appeal to me). Still WOW.

Whitewater is a small ski hill with only two double chairs. It is however situated in the middle of what is amazing backcountry skiing. Everywhere you look all you can see are non lift serviced peaks covered with powder and ski tracks.

The lodge is old, and there is absolutely no real estate developement or night life around the hill. Definitely no golf course. The prices are reasonable, the staff are friendly.

In short everything that is good about skiing.

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