Friday, January 1, 2010

Passed Over Again

Once again New Years brings the announcements of the latest Order of Canada recipients, Canada's answer to knighthoods. And once again I was passed over. I really don't expect it, but hey Conrad Black, Alan Eagleson and Celine Dion have been selected so hey maybe I deserve a chance.

Celine Dion reminds me of why I really writing this post. As I mentioned last year, Celine Dion was honoured for the second time last year.

This year Neil Young and Burton Cummings were named. Given their contributions not only to Canadian music but also to Rock and Roll in general, it is surprising that neither individual has been honoured until now.

Our National newspaper was not impressed. In an editorial, they bemoaned the fact that James Cameron, who directed Titanic and more recently Avatar was not named. It suggested that Neil Young and Burton Cummings' accomplishments were far in the past and not really worthy of nomination.

Sorry guys. Burton Cummings still lives in Canada. Neil Young while living in the States still considers himself a Canadian. Maybe Cameron is a decent director. I can think of at least 3 Canadian directors who are better (Norman Jewison, Atom Egoyan and Denis Arcand) not to mention all the American directors who put out way better movies with much smaller budgets. Maybe Cameron deserved the OC. I don't know. The issue is that Celine Dion was honoured twice before Neil Young arguably the greatest and most influential rocker was named. One could argue Celine Dion got her OC on Mr. Cameron's coat-tails. Her song "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic is thankfully the only song of hers I can think of.

That is a travesty that has now been partially addressed.

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