Saturday, February 27, 2010

Why I May Have Developed Issues with Meaniors

I made a post a while back about meaniors. Some people may think I am a little insensitive about seniors.

I grew up in Victoria like I said. It was not that great a place to be a child.

For example.

I used to go to the Safeway with my mother when she bought groceries. Safeway at that time had an automatic door. The door going out of the store had a device where you stepped on it and the door opened. Only the out door had this. No motion sensors and only the outdoor.

We thought that this was the neatest thing and I used to hang out by the door while my mother paid for her groceries.

One day I was hanging out by the door when a herd (posse) of meaniors approached the door. One of the ladies was in an electric wheelchair. Electric wheelchairs were huge bulky devices then. As I watched they proceeded to try and get her and her electric wheelchair in through the out door. The outdoor only opened to the outside.

I was standing there when one of the meaniors demanded, "Help us young man". Meaniors always called you "young man". I tried to tell them that they were going in the wrong door and if they backed up, I would hold open the in door which was not automatic for them. The lead meanior didn't listen to me she just said, "Oh he's no help he's stupid". My mother finished up paying for her groceries around that time and we left through the out door at the other end of Safeway.

I never found out whether they go into Safeway. I hope they didn't.

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