Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Species of Anaesthesiologists

Burnttoast commented on my last post.

His work is really too good to left in the comments section; I have further commented in italics

Dr. TrainedAtBigNameHospital Any conversation must include "When I trained at BIG NAME Hospital..." So why didn't they offer him a job?

Dr. Flirt whose main objective is to charm any attractive members of opposite sex. Usually must be paged to be found. Very useful guy, usually has at least one ex-wife, will take extra call.

Dr. StockMarket who would lecture daily on what a major killing his wise investments were making, often in the presence of those making a tenth of his salary. The recession was almost worth it, as it shut this stuff up totally. The interesting thing about these guys is that most of them work past their 70th birthday.

Dr. Perfect's sibling, Dr. PerfectFamily. Kids all utterly amazing from their Apgars of 15 to their brilliant grade school careers, a shoo-in for total Ivy scholarships in either academics or athletics. Spouse equally perfect. You wonder how they got stuck with someone like him. I used to not be able to stand working with these people or attending social functions especially the child-friendly ones they insisted on. They made me feel so inadequate as a parent.

Dr. WatchtheBoard. Obsessed with the flow of the OR schedule. (guilty of this myself) Some people bet the ponies, I like to forecast OR scheduling collisions. I usually try to fix them ahead of time.... Some colleagues of mine like to do this when on call on the basis that they feel the need to reduce (on enhance) their evening workload. Everybody who has cases dropped into or taken out of their room is not impressed.

Dr ShouldaHadaTrustFund. Doesn't like doing short cases. Doesn't like doing long cases. Doesn't like doing hearts. In America, these guys wind up supervising CRNAs. Not that they necessarily like doing it.

Dr. NotMe When on call, argues that call docs shouldn't be stuck with long difficult cases, because, they are on call. When on off list, argues shouldn't be stuck with long difficult cases, cause he is on off list. When neither, argues he shouldn't be stuck with long difficult cases because it may lengthen the work day. Probably a variant of ShouldaHadaTrustFund. Or Dr. Whiny.

Dr. Technical Carries a toolbelt. Knows specs of every monitor/machine ever built. Can fix anything. Unless it is biological ie human patient.

When do we get to do type surgeons??? (Evil of me I know)

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April 12, 2010 12:35 PM

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burnttoast said...

Liked your comments. Don't let Dr. PerfectFamily make you doubt yourself as a parent. That's your children's job! Although parenting is easier once they are out of the house.