Sunday, August 22, 2010


Emergency docs probably next to proctologists, have the best stories to tell which is why some many of them seem to have blogs.

I blogged some time ago against the routine use of antibiotics in surgery.

Here is an interesting article from White Coat's Call Room.

One of the 200 or so things that I hated about general practice that drove me into specialty training was the constant demand for antibiotics from patients (and the knowledge of that if you didn't prescribe them, one of your colleagues was going to and make you look stupid).

A long time ago, I was at a meeting at our licensing body regarding our triplicate narcotic program. This program is, as I found out, actually quite expensive and probably does very little to prevent drug diversion. The question was, what drugs should be on it? I suggested antibiotics. I was surprised how many people agreed with me.

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