Monday, September 6, 2010

Dropping my son off University

I dropped my youngest son off at University yesterday. Unfortunately my oldest son has so far ignorred all my hints and is attending University in town and living at home.

I was trying to visualize my first day at University. Then I realized it was almost 35 years to the date. Holy shzt how did I get that old? Mine was a little different. I loaded all my stuff in my backpack and took the bus over to Vancouver and then another bus to UBC from where I walked to the residence. My parent brought over my stereo and record collection (remember records?) a week or so later.

Moving in a day is a much more choreographed event now than 35 years ago. There is a way bigger parental presence. Parental presence 35 years involved dropping off your kids at residence or in the case of my parents driving me to the bus depot. Now the day is built around the parents with an afternoon of "classes" for those interested. I suppose we are paying for the whole affair.

My wife was tearful even though this son has been living away from home for the last four months albeit in our dacha. My son even appeared nervous. I reassured him.

"I spent 7 years in University", I told him, "They were the best 7 years of my life. It goes downhill after that." And I meant it.

I hope that inspired him.

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