Sunday, March 6, 2011

Unmasked Sort Of

I started this blog in a moment of boredom on New Year's eve 2006. I was on call, my family were at the dacha, there were no cases on and the case room was quiet. I sat at home. There is never anything good on TV on New Years eve so I started fooling around on my computer and that was when I started this blog.

I never thought it would amount to much but I kept on writing. Gradually people started commenting, I saw other blogs were linking to mine and I kept on writing. Some of posts I have written, I am really proud of; a lot are petty or stupid.

Throughout that I never told me wife. Until yesterday. I had always intended to tell her but as the months went on and I still hadn't told her, it got harder. While I write anonymously, I have given out so many hints that anybody who reads the blog can figure out who is writing it pretty easily if they know me. I was worried she might actually stumble on it that way. Anyway I told her on the way to dinner yesterday and after dinner she read most of my posts some of which I explained to her. She reacted pretty well on the whole. I never had told her about the problems I had during my internship, nor about my sexual harassment complaint. We of course went through my lawsuit and my bad marriage with the C of E together.

This blog was sort of like a perverse diary where you hide it from your family but the entire Web is able to read it. Not anymore.

By the way as she is probably going to read this: She is an amazing woman who has been a constant source of support through all the shit I have been through and all the shit I have put my family through.


Anonymous said...

Here's to many more years of shit!!!

burnttoast said...

Hmmn. I bet I know who anonymous is. OK. You stutter and you kept the blog from your wife. Here's my big reveal. I am a burnt out (getting better now that I left the big hospital job) fifty something female anesthesiologist. I didn't think it mattered, still probably doesn't, but it just felt odd.