Sunday, February 12, 2012

How men in groups are idiots

This past weekend I skied Kicking Horse in Golden BC. Because skiing with my adult children would kill me, assuming that they would actually let me ski with them, I most skied by myself. Due to weather conditions that meant multiple runs from the top to the bottom and taking the 8 person gondola to the top.

First trip of the day around 0930, I tag along with a group of 7 men my age. Early in the morning, the reek of stale booze is nauseating. As I look straight ahead trying not to throw up, I am forced to listen to tales of unrestrained male bonding.

Later in the day, I pile in with 7 20 somethings. The fellow directly in front of me has a green colouration and I hear someone say, "I finally don't feel like I have to throw up". They are on a ski weekend stag. They ask me if I am from Golden because they are looking for a stripper bar. Having watched both Hangover movies, I realize that I am now part of a bachelor party and begin to get worried.

Close your eyes though and you couldn't tell the groups apart. Or maybe I am just jealous.

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