Monday, October 29, 2012

Hi, I'm one of those guys who puts people to sleep

The medical mission I work with, has a dinner and silent auction every year to raise money.  We hire a local celebrity/ radio weatherman /newspaper columnist.  He is pretty funny and has some pretty coarse jokes.  I almost peed myself a couple of times.  And he mentioned us in his newspaper column.  Not at the top mind you but a little ways down.  And of course any publicity is good publicity.

In his column he says (bold type is my emphasis):

"On January 31st, some 50 volunteers from our city, including surgeons, dentists, those guys who put people to sleep (I can't say or spell the word), O.R. and recovery room nurses and other assistants, will once again travel to South America carrying hundreds of pounds of medical supplies in hockey bags."

Part of this is of course our fault.  We had to choose one of the more unpronounceable specialty names in medicine.  Otolaryngology is close but they had the sense to shorten it to ENT.

Anaesthesiology is 7 syllables.  "Those guys who put people to sleep" is only 8 and all in English and pretty easy to spell even for a Sun* Columnist.  TGWPPTS for short?

A few (actually many now) years ago the anaesthesia department at the C of E decided it needed an image change and was looking for a new name.  I suggested the Department of Patient Centred Wellness which for some reason wasn't accepted but they did change their name to the Department of Anaesthesiology and Pain Medicine.

A few years ago (okay many years ago) I did a mischievous thing to a patient.  He asked me how much training I needed to become an anaesthesiologist.  I said, "Grade 11" and put him to sleep seconds later.  He may still believe this.

But we all had a good time and raised lots of money.

* My son's Cub pack toured the Sun newspaper factory and my son asked me why we didn't read the Sun.  I told him only stupid people read the Sun.

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