Sunday, November 11, 2012

Not wearing a poppy again this year.

As usual somebody has published my sentiments much more eloquently than I could.

I posted this in 2009.

I posted the Huff Post article on Facebook and one of my "friends" a physician I went to high school with who served in the military and is I believe still in the reserve commented, "Its for remembrance of sacrifice not glorification of war."  If only that was true.

Politicians like to trot out our gallant soldiers for political gain and probably have for centuries.  This is notwithstanding how badly they treat them when they aren't doing photo-ops with them.  Veterans benefits have been cut and the government actually spent a fairly large amount of money defending unsuccessfully a lawsuit from veterans who were only trying to get what they believed they had been promised.  Veterans affairs offices are being closed, however WWII veterans (average age 88) have been advised, "don't worry, here's an app you can download for your smartphone."

Our government is currently spending a great deal of money celebrating the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 (hey Americans, did you know you lost?).   I enjoy history but wonder whether the money couldn't have been spent better or even just spent on a celebration of history that doesn't just justify the governments current policies.  Plus while we "won" the war, most of the fighting was done by British regulars and our Indian "allies" who the British on our behalf abandoned after the war.  But Washington was sacked and burned by British regulars on our behalf so we can still boast about that.  And the battle of New Orleans (which happened after the peace treaty was signed) produced a pretty good Rock song.

I am still hoping that in my lifetime we can find a way of settling disputes that doesn't involve killing people.

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