Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Diary

It seems funny that I am exposing my thoughts on the internet. Maybe not my innermost thoughts but still my thoughts albeit under a pseudonym.

It reminds me of the diaries I kept as a child as a teenager.

I got one of those diaries for Christmas when I was ten. I think I may have asked for it. I think I wrote in it for a few weeks. My parents had the views that if you had nothing to hide you didn't need privacy which meant everybody in the family was allowed to read it, which they did. One of my brothers even wrote in corrections if his version of events was different from mine. I think that was why I stopped writing in the diary. We also had to keep a diary as a project in Grade VI and my mother kept it and presented it to me on the occasion of my 25 high school anniversary.

In Grade X, I was thinking that a lot of really interesting if trivial things happened every day and I would forget them if I didn't write them down. I also decided I should write everything down which of course included things I really didn't want me parents or brothers to read.

I kept the diary in an ordinary school notebook and hid it in plain sight in my room figuring no one would look in one of my school notebooks. This actually worked and nobody read it until in Grade XI, my little brother discovered the book and read it.

Now nothing about my high school life was controversial except that I had the hots for a certain girl which I wrote about extensively in the diary. Needless to say my little brother bugged my continuously about this.

Anyway I ended up destroying two notebooks of my diary and never kept a diary again. Until now; sort of.

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