Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rate 2

Okay now I'm getting mad.

Two days ago on CBC there was a feature on this site. My wife saw it and went and checked my profile. Since I last looked there was another post which was even worse than the last one. It stated that I was uncommunicative and didn't listen (i.e I didn't talk and didn't listen, I guess we just sat and stared at each other for 30 minutes).

Anyway I was talking with my colleagues today and they asked if I had looked at the site. I told them I was on it and about the negative comments. They were very sympathetic and promised to log-on and write more positive comments.

I looked at the site after lunch to see if they had done so. There was now a third post stating that I had made someone wait for three hours while I talked and joked with a friend after which I cancelled their appointment and my receptionist booked them one a year away.

Now.... I may be moody, I have difficulty forming an empathetic bond with a small minority of patients, I am frequently in a hurry but...

In 13 years I have never made anybody wait 3 hours. On occasion when somebody came on the wrong day, they may have had to wait until I finished what I was up to but I can't remember an instances. Part of the reason I rush is so that I don't make people wait. Secondly I have never sent a patient away who had an appointment. Now on occasion when a patient walked in without an appointment and I was really busy or had to leave right after I may have told them to come back but never one year later. I am usually pretty good about seeing patients who come on the wrong day, come without an appointment or even patients who just walk in off the street. One of the major criticisms of my colleagues where I used to work was that I was too nice to the patients (I tried to help them instead of telling them to get off their asses and go back to work).

I have contacted the site and hopefully this post will be removed.


Anonymous said...

It just goes to show how much I know about medicine, or how often my path crosses that of a physician. I thought the patient never met either the surgeon or the anesthesiologist until said patient was unconscious.

I thought surgeons, anesthesiologist and forensic pathologists were lucky. They all had patients who never talked back.LOL!

webhill said...

You know, it may not bother you, but your post about the comments left about you at allow the casual blog reader to figure out who you are really easily. I mean, it took me less than five minutes. If that bothers you, you might want to take down the posts quoting the people who rated you!

I bear you no ill will and am not a crazy internet stalker, just so you know. I'm a veterinarian in Pennsylvania who likes to knit and read medical blogs in her spare time :)

Anonymous said...

you can't believe crazy angry people

Wedding Invitations said...

Hi there!

I guess the best thing you should do is have your comments moderated so you can read it first before it will appear on page..

I believe issues like this can affect the number of your clients...

Bleeding Heart said...

It would be nice if Rate MDs would actually allow to do that. It would be even nicer if the patients would actually talk to me about why they had an issue.