Saturday, June 9, 2007

It's been a long time since I wrote

I noticed that the last post before the one I just posted referred to my distaste with the shootout which means that the entire playoffs passed without my commenting on them.

My comments.

1. Without any team that I cared strongly about, the playoffs passed relatively quickly not like last year when I watched just about every Oiler's game.

2. The Canucks lost because they had too many Europeans. Same with Ottawa.

3. While it is somewhat off-putting to see Chris Pronger's name on the Stanley Cup, Todd Bertuzzi's would have been more of a travesty.

4. Mike Comrie has excelled on Ottawa being something he couldn't accept that he was on Edmonton, a third line player (entitled to a third line player's salary)

5. The Canuck's loss in the playoffs only justifies what I have said for years, that the Sedin twins are the most overrated players in the league.

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