Saturday, June 9, 2007

Tim Horton's Iced Mocha

Now I realize that Tim Horton's is a business and that if I don't like things there, I can go somewhere else; however face it Tim's has promoted itself as a national icon, the government issues currency thru it (remember the poppy quarters), and our current governing party used restaurants suspiciously like Tim's in it electoral ads etc. Besides I have a long relationship with Tim Horton's going back to my internship in Halifax where I discovered this strange chain named after a 1960s era Leaf player which didn't then exist in BC where I came from. Later I used to stock up on coffee and a donut in Truro on the way to my girlfriend's to gird myself for the amorous adventures that would shortly follow. I know where the nearest Tim's is to every hockey arena in Edmonton, and the location of every Tim's between Edmonton and Vancouver. So I think I have a stake in Tim Horton's.

But something is pissing me off.

It's the Ice Mochas. Tims brought these in a few years ago. I've had a few, they taste okay. The problem is the machines never work. So when you pop into Tims for a quick coffee on your way to or from somewhere, you are sure to be delayed by the person in front of you ordering multiple Iced Mochas. This not only ties up the person making the iced mocha but also the other employees who have to come over and try to make the stupid machine work.

Tim Hortons was built on doing two things well. Making a decent cup of coffee and baking donuts. Their success (thankfully) was not based on iced mochas.

And basically what is an iced mocha. To the best I can see it is a hybrid between a milkshake and a slurpee. Many places do either of these well. Leave it to those places Tim and let those of us who want their coffee, to get it quickly and efficiently.

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you must be psychotic or something..