Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bad Karma

I was thinking this morning about some of the people who had done me wrong in the past and all the bad things that happened to them. I like to think it was as the result of the bad karma.

My Grade XI locker partner used to steal my lunch. He didn't steal my sandwiches or fruit, just the cookie. At first I thought my mom had just stopped putting them in because I was too fat. Then one day she asked how I liked the sweet she put in. We figured out it was him. Stapling the bag shut solved the problem. Years later he was swept off a fishing boat and lost at sea.

Dr. A. was an doctor whose clinic I joined. He was very friendly when they were trying to recruit me. After a brief honeymoon period he and his other partner treated me like shit for six months after which we parted company somewhat acrimoniously. He died of a heart attack 6 months later.

Dr. K. interned with me. We did obstetrics at the same hospital for the same two months. At this hospital you were preceptored with two gynies for the two months (one each 4 weeks). She got the two good preceptors, I got the two bad preceptors. I would have thought that this was bad luck but it turned out that she had learned before the rotation who she was getting, who were the two I eventually got and arranged to have the preceptors switched. I never would have known this if she hadn't told me. She was struck down with a pulmonary embolus about 7 years ago.

There are probably some examples I don't know about yet.

Like I say don't mess with me.

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